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Welcome to the all-new website! (now with animated GIFs) Enjoy your visit. Reveneue is Jakarta-Based real estate consulting firm, with highlights in business, legal, and finance aspect of your real estate needs. As the caption states, we have a simple 3-step breakdown for our clients : analysis-solutions-results. Hopefully, we can be a solution for your real estate needs. Best Regards, Reveneue Support Team
About Us
The broad objective of asset management is to maximize property value and investment returns. This means reducing expenditures when possible, finding the most consistent and highest sources of revenue, and mitigating liability and risk, among other things.

The purpose of asset management, whether with real estate or any other asset, is to cultivate market value so ownership can increase its returns. Real estate asset managers focus on maximizing a property's value for investment purposes - not to be confused with real estate property managers, who handle the day-to-day activities related to a property's operations and physical structure.

Individuals, private companies, corporations and governments sometimes purchase real estate as an investment strategy. Real property can be bought, improved and resold for profit. Other times, it can be partitioned and rented/leased out.

Investing in real estate presents challenges that do not exist in capital markets. Property faces the risk of damage, tends to deteriorate over time, and often takes a decidedly more complex process to buy and sell.

Real Estate Asset Management concerns itself with mitigating risks and promoting valuable improvements. It also navigates the complex legal and tax rules governing investment property.
Real Estate Asset Management
We view your property as an asset, and that mindset, though sounds simple, not applied by most of the others. We understand your view as an owner, and will act on your best interest, which is a balance between maximizing return and mitigating risks.
Lease Management
After giving you the projections, we are also ready to utilize any tools in our inventory to execute the plan. From manual to tech, we have a broad arsenal to reach the desired goals. sot
Real Estate Consulting
New to real estate? Just got an inheritance? Got divorced? Won a lottery? Confused at choosing which bank for your mortgage? Any real estate related cases, questions - we are ready to solve it
Feasibility Study / HBU Analysis
You have a land, and want to build it. But which product mix is the right one? We will help you get the right product - the balanced mix.
Market Research
Market research, analysis, report and projections, specific in the real estate sector. To know the current condition of the market, which is unique in every region.
Financial Reports
To know your investments' status - is it profit or loss, to keep track of all your assets' financial conditions, - financially healthy or not, which ones need to be improved, to be kept and maintained, and which to cut loss.
Why Us
Why Us
We didn't have a certain terms and conditions, and we handle clients without any preferences or prejudices, so you can come to us anytime for your real estate needs. No threshold to do business with us, as long as it's complied by local rules and regulations. tested
We are implementing our pricing strategy - same as you, we also hate overpriced stuffs, and loves best value prices. Although we have experiences handling multinational clients, we prefer to focus our business in Indonesia, to contribute more to our beloved country.
Your secretary may makes the cost total for you. The local property agent may find the client for you. Those datas then have to be combined, analyzed, designed a strategy and executed. Not everyone have the knowledge advantages or the experience needed. That's where we came in to fill the gap, and generate the "reveneue" for you.
Our Client
Our Client
We do our best to serve our client
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